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Introducing the 2019 Lewisham Awards

After a very successful and entertaining 2018 Lewisham Awards at Eden Park we are excited to host our 2019 event at The Pullman Hotel. The awards show will be held in the Grand Ballroom and the adjacent deck where we will have array of beverages, food stations and entertainment for the after party. The 2019 Lewisham Awards as per the previous years will be a sell-out event with amazing entertainment, food flavours and beverages. The …read more


Voting Questions + Answers

What are the cut off dates for nominations and voting? Nominations must be made and received no later than 5pm, Sunday 21st April 2019. The top four nominees in each category will be announced on Tuesday 7th May and can be voted for from this time until 5pm, Tuesday 21st May 2019 when the voting closes. Finalists from the first round of nominations will be contacted with further details. Who is allowed to vote? This …read more


Archived Award – Emerging Talent

The Emerging Talent award was for those not only climbing the hospitality ladder but displaying a passion and dedication for the industry in their chosen field. They are confident, talented, professional and demonstrate leadership potential with a great future in front of them. They are committed to their organization and to their colleagues. They have been in the industry for less than five years but in that time they have definitely made an impact! This …read more